928 Law Support Staff

The 928 Law Firm is dedicated to providing excellent services to our clients. The lawyers cannot do this alone. We have a team of support staff that work alongside our attorneys to ensure cases move along as smoothly as possible and to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services.

Destiny Diaz

Office Manager

Destiny has been with The 928 Law Firm since 2016. Born in Mississippi, into a military family, she has lived in several different states from Alabama to Alaska. She has since settled into her life in Flagstaff, where she lives with her husband and son.

Besides spending time with her family, Destiny enjoys singing in a local band with her husband. She is extremely dedicated to her craft and has established herself as one of the best singers in the region. She shows the same level of dedication to her duties as The 928 Law Firm’s Office Manager. Destiny continuously strives to provide clients with exceptional service, and ensure that their experience is as positive as possible!

Pamela Hobbs-Laventall

Case Manager/Paralegal

Pamela joined The 928 Law Firm in October of 2020 as an Undergraduate Intern. After earning her bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, two minors, and Permaculture Certificate from NAU in 2021, she joined the firm full time as a Legal Assistant and Data Entry Clerk. She is now the firm's Case Manager and Paralegal. Pamela completed her Paralegal Certificate in November of 2022.

Pamela works hand-in-hand with our attorneys on a variety of case types including family law, probate, civil litigation, tribal law, landlord/tenant disputes, and many other case types!

If you consult with and hire The 928 Law Firm to assist you in your legal matter for on of these case types, Pamela will be there to assist you!

Taylor F.

Client Coordinator

Taylor joined The 928 Law Firm in 2023. She graduated with an English degree from Northern Michigan University in Marquette. If you would like to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys, Taylor will get to know more about you and your potential legal matter and set up a consultation with you and one of our attorneys.

Aliciana Lopez

Legal Assistant + Data Entry Clerk

Aliciana joined The 928 Law Firm in 2022. She is currently a student at Northern Arizona University and has plans to attend law school in the future.

Aliciana works side-by-side with our attorneys in state and tribal criminal matters and on all government contract cases. She also ensures that clients are notified of incoming court documents and new hearings in their matters.

If you consult with and hire The 928 Law Firm to assist you in your criminal matter, Aliciana will be there to assist you!