Driving under the influence (DUI) refers to being in actual physical control of a vehicle while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you're pulled over and a police officer has reason to believe that you are under the influence, they may administer a blood alcohol concentration or drug content (BADC) test. 

If this test, which measures the amount of alcohol or drugs present in your bloodstream, registers at .08% or higher, you will be charged with DUI. 

A mistake does not represent who you are, nor should it define the rest of your life. Whether you've been charged with DUI or another criminal offense, let us help you seek a favorable outcome. 

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Possible Penalties for DUI 

Driving under the influence is a commonly committed crime in the state of Arizona. However, that doesn’t mean that DUI charges should be taken lightly.  

Depending on your previous offenses, your blood alcohol concentration, and whether you were driving on a suspended license, the penalties you may face could involve hefty fines, license revocation, and even jail time. 

First-Offense DUI: Those convicted of a first-offense DUI will be jailed for at least 10 consecutive days and fined at least $1,250. In addition, offenders are required to undergo alcohol education or treatment, equip their vehicles with certified ignition interlock devices, and possibly perform community service. 

Subsequent Offenses: Any offenders who commit additional DUIs will face at least 90 days of jail time, fines of at least $3,000, and have their licenses revoked for 12 months. Those who have been charged with multiple DUIs will also have to complete alcohol education or treatment, add a certified ignition interlock device to any vehicles, and possibly perform community service. 

Extreme DUI: An extreme DUI charge may be administered if an individual is pulled over with a blood alcohol concentration of .15% or higher. Depending on whether this is your first extreme DUI, you may face fines of up to $3,250, license revocation, up to 120 days in jail, and other penalties. 

Aggravated DUI: A conviction of this nature can result in a prison sentence of up to two years, license revocation, and other life-altering penalties. If you received a third DUI charge in 84 months, refused to submit to a BADC test while under an ignition interlock device requirement, drove under the influence with a child under 15 in the car, or committed a DUI while holding a suspended or revoked license, you may be charged with an aggravated DUI. 

No matter what form of DUI you have been accused of, it is essential to put our defense team on your side as soon as possible. We will strive to clear your name, protect your rights, and fight for your chance to move forward. 

You Deserve Dedicated, Dependable Advocacy 

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Potential Defense Strategies 

Getting arrested for a DUI can leave you feeling lost. You may think that there's no way to fight the charges brought against you, but that is simply not true. With the help of an experienced DUI lawyer, you can explore various defense strategies that may lead to a reduced sentence or even the dismissal of your case. 

The following is a brief overview of potential strategies that may apply to your case: 

Improper traffic stop: Law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or criminal activity to pull over a vehicle. If the stop was not justified, any evidence obtained during the stop may be inadmissible in court. 

Inaccurate field sobriety tests: Field sobriety tests, such as the walk-and-turn or one-leg stand, can be subjective and influenced by factors unrelated to intoxication, like medical conditions, fatigue, or poor road conditions. Questioning the validity of these tests can cast doubt on the prosecution's case. 

Faulty breathalyzer results: Breathalyzer devices must be properly calibrated and maintained to produce accurate results. Your defense attorney can investigate whether the device was functioning correctly and if the test was administered according to the established protocol. 

Rising blood alcohol concentration: Alcohol absorption varies, and an individual's BAC can rise after being stopped due to continued absorption from the digestive system. This defense ultimately argues the BAC was legally compliant at the time of driving. 

Medical conditions or medications: Certain medical conditions (e.g., acid reflux, diabetes) or medications can produce symptoms that mimic intoxication or interfere with test results. Demonstrating these factors can undermine the prosecution. 

Violation of constitutional rights: Violations can include unlawful searches and seizures, failure to read Miranda rights, or coercion during questioning. Any evidence obtained through such violations may be excluded from the trial. 

DUI Defense Attorneys in Flagstaff, Arizona

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