Tribal Court Lawyers in Northern Arizona

The 928 Law Firm strives to provide five-star legal representation throughout Arizona – and sometimes that means representing clients in tribal court. As a full-service law firm with lawyers licensed in more than a half-dozen tribal courts, the odds are that we can probably help with your tribal court case. Whether your case is a simple tribal case or a complicated case requiring legal representation in state and tribal courts, we can likely help.

Now that many tribal courts accommodate virtual appearances, it’s even easier for The 928 Law Firm to represent you wherever you need us. Our lawyers have handled cases in tribal courts including:

  • The Navajo Nation

  • The Hopi Tribe

  • The Hualapai Tribe

  • The Havasupai Tribe

  • The Yavapai-Apache Nation

  • The Gila River Indian Community

  • The White Mountain Apache Tribe

  • The Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians

If you need legal representation for a tribal legal issue and we’re not currently licensed where you need us, we’ll gladly look into getting licensed in a new tribal court to see if we can help you.

Tribal Court Jurisdiction

Tribal courts are "domestic dependent sovereign" nations in which some (but not all) American federal laws apply, but state laws generally do not apply. There are also federal laws such as the Indian Child Welfare Act ("ICWA") that allow tribes to intervene in state-court cases. You might need a lawyer licensed in tribal court if:

  • One or more of the parties (or children, in a juvenile or family case) is an enrolled member of a "Federally Recognized Indian Tribe" or is eligible for such enrollment

  • One or more of the parties is located a Native American reservation, or was located on a reservation when a contract was signed or certain other events occurred

  • One or more of the parties considers themselves to be domiciled on a Native American reservation

  • A case or controversy between the parties was previously handled by a tribal court

Cases Involving Multiple Jurisdictions

The most complicated cases are often those involving multiple state or tribal jurisdictions, including situations such as:

  • The parties to a case are members of different tribes

  • A child involved in a case is eligible for enrollment in multiple tribes

  • Different children involved in a case are members of different tribes

  • The parties disagree about whether an event (such as the signing of a consumer contract) occurred on or off of a reservation

  • The laws of multiple tribes, or the laws of a state and a tribe, both indicate that they have jurisdiction over the same case or controversy

  • A state-court dependency (CPS/DCS) case is opened involving a family that already has a custody or similar case in a tribal court

When you have a complex, multi-jurisdictional case, it's often better and more cost-effective to have one lawyer or law firm represent you rather than hiring multiple lawyers or law firms to handle the different jurisdictional aspects of your case. The 928 Law Firm has numerous lawyers who are licensed in numerous tribal jurisdictions, which means that you probably won't find a better law firm to help with your multi-jurisdictional tribal case.

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