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Lindsey Lamey

The Indian Child Welfare Act ("ICWA")

In 1978 Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act (“ICWA”) in response to the issues faced by Native American children, families, and Tribes regarding state child custody cases. The purpose of ICWA was to prevent the separation of Native American children from their parents, extended families, and communities, which was a common occurrence due to the actions of state child welfare and private adoption agencies.

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Makayla Maraganis

Probate in Arizona

In Arizona, when someone dies, probate may need to be opened with a court in order to distribute the assets of the deceased person.

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Rhys Campbell

Arizona DUI Information and FAQs

In Arizona there are four main types of DUI charges: DUI, extreme DUI, super-extreme DUI, and aggravated DUI. A person may be charged with DUI if they are driving or in “actual physical control” of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

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Makayla Maraganis ---- Updated 06.09.23

Expungements, Set-Asides, and Sealing of Records in Arizona

After a person is convicted of a crime, they have a criminal record which can present problems when trying to obtain a job, professional license, or an apartment. Although not available in all circumstances, getting a criminal conviction either set aside or expunged can alleviate some or all of the personal and professional challenges that are often associated with having a criminal conviction on your record.

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J. Taylor Swick

Statutory Agent FAQs

Statutory agents are very important, and all LLCs and corporations doing business in Arizona are required to have one. Check out this blog to learn about who can be statutory agents, what they do, and more.

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Matthew Cline

Criminal Speeding Laws in Arizona

Drivers — especially drivers from out-of-state — are often surprised to learn about Arizona’s strict speeding laws. Driving too fast in Arizona can result in a criminal speeding ticket which can impact your pocketbook, your driver's license, or even your professional career.

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